Claims & Underwriting Innovation Forum

Evolution not revolution

COVER Claims & Underwriting Innovation Forum will investigate the most innovative claims and underwriting practices driving the protection and health insurance market forward.

It bears repeating; at the heart of every policy is a human being. As technologies advance and digital capabilities expand, it is crucial that the needs of the customer do not get lost along the way. A personal touch must remain at the centre of every interaction an individual has with an insurance company, either directly or through an intermediary.

Hence, this journey is about evolution not revolution.

This digital conference on the 28th April hosted on our interactive event platform will build on the topics covered at the COVER Claims & Underwriting Forum last year, which focused on improving access to insurance and transparency. This year’s event will delve under the hood of what are inevitably becoming increasingly digitalised transactions, with tools emerging to encourage better customer service and to provide more personalised product offerings.

How are processes progressing to allow advisers to know their customers to an even greater degree? What is being done to provide easier access to more comprehensive protection and health insurance products to clients? With the world still reeling from the biggest health crisis of a generation, how are claims and underwriting practices responding to the pandemic?

At a time when the NHS struggles with unprecedented demand, what are health and protection insurers doing to ensure customers stay healthy, help prevent the need for future claims and get provide the right support should they need it. And, crucially, how is the role of technology developing in all of this?

Whether that’s an insurer’s approach to meeting the needs of customers – before, during and after a policy has been put in place – or the digital capabilities powering innovation behind the scenes, COVER Claims & Underwriting Innovation Forum is here to help define the evolving role of insurance advisers and their providers in the modern landscape.

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Who should attend?

The COVER Claims and Underwriting Innovation Forum is designed specifically for advisers and intermediaries working in the insurance industry, and the following professionals qualify for a complimentary place:


    Claims Assessors and Managers


    Employee Benefit/Rewards

    Independent Financial Advisers (IFA)

    Insurance brokers that write protection and health insurance business

    Insurance/Protection/Healthcare Professionals

    Mortgage Advisers

    Proposition Specialists


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