Proud to Protect Award


Proud to Protect Award in association with Aviva

Awarded to an intermediary, the Proud to Protect Award in association with Aviva, will celebrate the life-changing impact of protection and health insurance.

From the moments that help make us, to the moments that threaten to break us, protection is always about being there when we’re needed most – and when we’re not. Reflecting Aviva’s brand promise, this award will focus on an individual case study involving an adviser, their client and a positive outcome.

What are we looking for?

• An intermediary case study from within the last 12 months (June 2019 to June 2020) involving a positive outcome for a client thanks to the advice or assistance provided.

• Evidence, timeline and testimonial (where possible) to illustrate advice/support given during and/or after claim and how it impacted the life of their client.

• How the protection mattered to the customer and why the role of an adviser was so crucial. Submissions should be a written entry (no longer than 800 words) plus supporting materials such as client testimonial (if possible), relevant videos, photos and any resulting press articles.