2024 Nominees

COVER is delighted to announce the full list of individual and organisation nominees for the Women in Protection & Health Awards 2024 programme.

All nominees have been sent an email to complete a questionnaire. If you haven't received this email please contact us on coverevents@incisivemedia.com.

Abbie May, The Openwork Partnership

Abby Carr, London & Country Mortgages

Adelle Mcniven, Adelle The Mortgage Specialist

Adriana Wojtecka, Access Financial Services

Adrienn Kingsley, Future Proof / SJP Protection Planning

Aimee Carhart, Humboldt Financial

Aimee Orzechowski, The Exeter

Aimee Saville, Future Proof / SJP Protection Planning

Alex Howarth, Howden Employee Benefits & Wellbeing

Ali Crossley, Legal & General

Alisa Wallington, iPipeline

Alison Esson, AIG Life

Alyson Perry, Sesame Bankhall Group

Ami Blackmore, Aviva

Amie Mcintosh, Aviva

Amy Egginton, Bupa

Amy Hupton, Aviva

Amy Ilsley, HSBC Life

Amy Jordan, Aviva

Amy Loxton, Direct Life

Amy Potter, London & Country Mortgages

Amy Pougher, Reassured

Amy Ryan, Legal & General

Amy Whittingham, Future Proof / SJP Protection Planning

Ana Maria Teodorescu, Oracle

Andreea Radoi Darmon, Oracle

Andy Morris, Cirencester Friendly Society

Angela Davidson, Mortgage Intelligence

Angela Gaviria, Munich Re

Ania Laska, Bupa

Ann Stewart, Bupa

Anna Day, Guardian Financial Services

Anna Rogers, LV=

Anna Russell, Royal London

Annaliese Lincoln, Cura

Anne Drugnick, Punter Southall

Anne-Marie Love, National Friendly

Annie Oldfield, Bupa

Ann-Marie Dec, SCOR

Antonia Sims, Vitality

Anya Roy, Syrona Health

Aoife Whitford, AXA - Global Healthcare

Ashley Dale, HSBC Life

Barbara Stanley, LifeSearch

Becca Boulter, Unum UK

Beth Husted, Unum UK

Beth Sutton-Evans, Legal & General

Brianna Saraceno, AIG Life

Briony Winn, British Friendly Society

Britney Trussler, Dynamo

Brooke Malone, Bupa

Caitlin Dewar, National Friendly

Camilla Hoskisson, AIG Life

Carl Warr, AIG Life

Carly Gibb, PMS Mortgage Club

Carly Williamson, Lifetime Wealth

Caroline Cooper, Unum UK

Caroline Fraud, Guardian Financial Services

Caroline Hume, Cirencester Friendly Society

Caroline Payne, AIG Life

Carrie Dobson, Howden Life & Health

Cassandra Pilling, Towergate Health & Protection

Cathryn Eldridge, PIB

Cathy Yang, HSBC Life

Chantel Mcgill, iPipeline

Charlotte Dunn, Cura

Charlotte Harrison, iPipeline

Charlotte Ingleby-Faulkner, iPipeline

Charlotte Mcintosh, WTW

Charlotte Nixon, Quilter

Charlotte Salisbury, AXA Health

Charlotte Thomas, NFU Mutual

Chelsea Warren, SPF Private Clients

Cheryl Brennan, Howden Employee Benefits & Wellbeing

Cheryl Thomson, Handelsbanken Wealth & Asset Management

Chisom Kane, Howden Employee Benefits & Wellbeing

Chiyo Sherwood, Vitality

Chloe Davies, Guardian Financial Services

Chloe Guckian, Punter Southall

Chloe Kelly, Aviva

Claire Barber, Aviva

Claire Bostock, HSBC Life

Claire Clement, Royal London

Claire Curley, AIG Life

Claire Edmunds, HSBC Life

Claire Fussell, Equipsme

Claire Hird, The Exeter

Claire Kelly, British Friendly Society

Claire Linaker, WTW

Claire Maydew, Bupa

Claire Shine, iPipeline

Claire Thorne, AIG Life

Clare Moffat, Royal London

Claudie Francis, iPipeline

Clodagh Morris, Legal & General

Coran Stubbington, Pangea

Craig Dickinson, British Friendly Society

Dani Moreton, Howden Employee Benefits & Wellbeing

Danielle Fisher, LV=

Danielle Jeans, Guardian Financial Services

Danielle Moore, LifeSearch

Dawn Holtham, Aviva

Debbie Bonser, British Friendly Society

Debra Clark, Towergate Health & Protection

Dheepa Elanko, Howden Employee Benefits & Wellbeing

Diandra Pinto, Towergate Health & Protection

Dianne Wheeler, The Insurance Surgery

Dipa Mistry Kandola, Cloud8

Donna Morgan, LV=

Donna Turley, Switch Health

Dr Sheun Oke, Emergenzz Financial Services

Edith Neilson, Vitality

Ellie Axtell, AIG Life

Ellie Collis, The Exeter

Emily Gell, Aviva

Emily Hunt, LifeSearch

Emily-Kate Day, LifeSearch

Emma Astley, Cover My Bubble

Emma Davies, Legal & General

Emma Day, Guardian Financial Services

Emma Holmes, Aviva

Emma Hurworth, Lifetime Wealth

Emma Norrish, The Exeter

Emma Thomson, Sesame Bankhall Group

Emma Treby, MetLife UK

Emma Vaughan, SimplyBiz

Febby Mulewa, Swiss Re

Fiona Alderton, Aviva

Fiona Amadi, Sheldon Flanders Financial Services

Fiona Greenwood, Aviva

Fiona Harrington, Royal London

Fiona King, King Financial Services

Fiona Wainwright, Aviva

Fiza Mahmood, National Friendly

Flora Macleod, Guardian Financial Services

Fran Bruce, Aviva

Gemma Cuff, Gemstone Mortgages

Gemma Forrest, Bupa

Gemma Howley, Aviva

Gemma Lawrence, LifeSearch

Gemma Mcfadyen, Howden Employee Benefits & Wellbeing

Gemma Perry, Aviva

Gemma Price, National Friendly

Georgia D'Esterre, Women in Protection Network

Georgia Parker, PIB

Georgia Perkins, HSBC Life

Georgina Kenward, Unum

Gillian Scott, Royal London

Grace Donnelly, British Friendly Society

Gwen Lewis, Legal & General

Hanna Mckallip, Premier Plus

Hannah Baker, LV=

Hannah Cook, SCOR

Hannah Crook, LifeSearch

Hannah Mitchell, OPAL

Hannah Murray, Future Proof / SJP Protection Planning

Hannah Ramsden, Vitality

Hannah Sharp, SPF Private Clients

Hannah Tee, Visionary Finance

Harriet Herman, AXA - Global Healthcare

Hayley Morris, Vitality

Hayley Soper, LV=

Hayley Young, Guardian Financial Services

Hazel Johnson, Legal & General

Heather Ryan, Bupa

Heidi Browne, Bupa

Helen Bruce, Bupa

Helen Gillespie, Premier Plus

Helen Jones, City Mortgage

Helen Jones, iPipeline

Hilary Banks, Guardian Financial Services

Hollie Osborne, Gemstone Mortgages

Hollie Taylor, Vitality

Holly Algar, Vitality

Holly Broad, AIG Life

Holly Ewing, Aviva

Holly Osborne, Gemstone Mortgages

Holly Peterson, Aviva

Ian Teague, iPipeline

Isobel Langton, The Exeter

Issy Minturn, The Openwork Partnership

Jacki Moore, iPipeline

Jackie Ashmore, Quilter

Jackie Elliott, Unum UK

Jackie Kerwood, Aviva

Jackie Storr, Bupa

Jacqueline Berry, My Care Consultant

Jacqueline Durbin, Iress

Jacqueline Kerwood, Aviva

Jacqui Carr, Health Shield

Jacquie Pearse, The Exeter

Jade Barcock, Vantage Mortgages

Jade Jordan, Aviva

Jade Rodgers, Cirencester Friendly Society

Jamie Page, The Exeter

Jane Hulme, Unum UK

Jane Irwin, Iress

Jane Redgrave, Bupa

Jane Sime, Towergate Health & Protection

Janette Hiscock, United Healthcare Global

Janine Byrne, Legal and General

Jasmine Hall, Aviva

Jayne Rattray, Bupa

Jemma Boyce, Equipsme

Jemma Read, Pride Protect

Jen Carhart, HSBC Life

Jenelle Homer, Protectline

Jennifer Clarke, Bupa

Jenny Barker, Bupa

Jenny Binns, Guardian Financial Services

Jenny Mcgivern, Aviva

Jess Edwards, The Insurance Surgery

Jess Stratton, Home Mortgage Solutions

Jessica Nutt, Cirencester Friendly Society

Joanne Legg, FTRC

Jo Bennett, Punter Southall

Jo Eaton, HSBC Life

Jo Elphick, Legal & General

Jo Miller, Income Protection Task Force, Protection Review

Jo Stoddart, Bupa

Jo Wilkie, Cirencester Friendly Society

Joanne Tressler, Clear Insurance Management

Johnny Timpson, Johnny Timpson Consulting

Jordan Clark, Guardian Financial Services

Judith Brandrick, The Exeter

Judy Ashworth, Guardian Financial Services

Jules Martin, Legal & General

Julie Botha, Vitality

Julie Evans, Pacific Life Re

Julie Godley, Legal & General

Juliette Kemp, Howden Life & Health

Karen Fuge, Legal & General

Karen Smith, Towergate Health & Protection

Karen Woodley, The Exeter

Karly Briggs, Coutts & Co

Kat Ford, MetLife UK

Kate Buckley, iPipeline

Kate Greaves, T.H. March & Co

Kate Stratton, Home Mortgage Solutions

Katherine Conway, Aon

Katherine Grant, K G Financial

Katherine Palacios, AIG Life

Katherine Weller, iPipeline

Kathleen Moralee, Future Proof / SJP Protection Planning

Kathryn Knowles, Cura

Katie Andrew, Canada Life

Katie Crook-Davies, Tabei

Katie Dennehy, UnderwriteMe

Katie Elcoat, London & Country Mortgages

Katie Hoyle, SPF Private Clients

Katie Johnson, Watts Mortgage & Wealth

Katie Perry, British Friendly Society

Katie Tryon, Vitality

Katie Welsh, London & Country Mortgages

Katy Davies, Henry Dannell Private Clients

Keana Lejnieks, Lucra Mortgages

Kelcy Magombedze, Munich Re

Kelly Munro, Bupa

Kelly Walton, Protex Financial

Kemi Animashaun, Eminent Financials

Kemi Lawson, Eminent Financials

Kerri Ashenden, The Exeter

Kerrie Cross, Scottish Widows

Kerry Hopkins, Caspian Insurance

Kerry Walker, Bupa

Kim Heath, Towergate Health & Protection

Kim Tibbenham, Vitality

Kimon De Ridder, Bupa

Kirk Bradley, Bupa

Kirsty Bennet, Harmony

Kirsty Griffiths, LV=

Krystle Skelton, Cura

Laia Ros, Legal & General

Lara Bartle, Bupa

Lara Fascione, Vitality

Laura Benton, Reassured

Laura Gillard, NFU Mutual

Laura Hassall, Shepherds Friendly Society

Laura Havenhand, Caspian Insurance

Laura Macfarlane, Royal London

Laura Matthews, Barnett Waddingham

Laura Mcdonald, Vitality

Laura Mitchell, Guardian Financial Services

Laura Morgan, Towergate Health & Protection

Laura Tilbury, Just Mortgages Direct

Laura Travers, Vitality

Lauren Hygate, AIG Life

Laurian Grace, Bupa

Leanne Wooden, Aviva

Lewis Breach, St James's Place Protection Planning

Liann Hill, Lifetime Assure

Linda Cartmell, HSBC Life

Lindsay Lacey, Cirencester Friendly Society

Lindsey Taylor, Dynamo

Lisa Ash, Cirencester Friendly Society

Lisa Barber, Quilter

Lisa Byrne, LV=

Lisa Kelly, LifeSearch

Lisa Lee, City Mortgage Solutions

Lisa Smith, Bupa

Lisa Taylor, HSBC Life

Liz Connor, Legal & General

Liz Pilling, Bupa

Liz Walker, Unum UK

Lois Bray, Canada Life

Lola Tomkins, WTW

Lorna Ellams, Bupa

Lorraine Gartland, Royal London

Lorraine Mckeeman, Royal London

Lou Cauchie, Unum UK

Louise Colley, Zurich

Louise Donovan, AIG Life

Louise Fairlamb, Future Proof / SJP Protection Planning

Louise Kennedy, Aceso Health & Group Risk

Louise Newnham, SPF Private Clients

Louise Webber, National Friendly

Lucia Jarvis, National Friendly

Lucy Bater, Mortgage Advice Bureau

Lucy Brown, Reassured

Lucy Edwards, Lloyd & Co Employee Benefits

Lucy Ingleby, Munich Re

Lucy Larcombe, Future Proof

Lucy Reid, Unum UK

Lynette Grocott, Zurich

Lynne Heath, Freedom Health Insurance

Maddison Moore, Bupa

Maggie Glasspool, Freedom Health Insurance

Mala Thurston, Pacific Life Re

Mandy Kendrick, LifeSearch

Maria Bishop, The Openwork Partnership

Marie Bedding, Mortgage Advice Bureau

Marie-Ann Abraham, Howden Employee Benefits & Wellbeing

Marisa Ogallas Raya, Oracle

Meagan Thornton, iPipeline

Megan Farrer, Howden Life & Health

Megan Pym, Unum UK

Melissa Blissett, Barnett Waddingham

Michala Bokuvkova, iPipeline

Michelle Grant, LifeSearch

Michelle Hollywell, Towergate Health & Protection

Michelle Saunders, The Exeter

Michelle West-Wiggins, Cirencester Friendly Society

Monica Garcia, Monica Garcia Consulting

Nadia Hazel, Future Proof

Natalia Kennewell, Stonebridge Mortgage Network

Natalie Booker, Equipsme

Natalie Mayne, CIExpert

Natalie Summerson, British Friendly Society

Neamh Grierson, Assured Health

Neetu Menon, Pacific Life Re

Neha Agarwal, AInsurCo

Nicki Plews, Munich Re

Nicki Shield, Bupa

Nicky Bray, Zurich

Nicky Davies, National Friendly

Nicky Shorey, Legal & General

Nicola Bambridge, Punter Southall

Nicola Denbeigh, Lifesearch

Nicola Mckenzie, Dunham McCarthy

Nicola Miller, The Exeter

Nicola Taylor, The Exeter

Nicola Thurston, Switch Health

Nicola Weston, Bupa

Nicola Wright, Lloyd & Co Employee Benefits

Nicole Scott, Towergate Health & Protection

Nicoletta Curtis, Unum UK

Niki Cooke, FTRC

Nikkie Preston, Black Lion Wealth Management

Nikola Kamel, Bupa

Nina Andrew, Global Mortgage Management

Nina Brown, Pam Brown Mortgages

Oluseyi Oke, Emergenzz Financial Services

Paige Webster, Halo Consulting

Pamela Dermody, Bupa

Paul Yates, iPipeline

Paula Coffey, Unum UK

Paula Goodall, Zurich

Paula Jackson, The Exeter

Paula Pearson, Aviva

Paula Young, Young Mortgage and Protection

Philippa Gillham, Bupa

Philippa Holdsworth, Health Shield

Poonam Khan, LifeSearch

Pouja Barot, British Friendly Society

Pouja Ram, British Friendly Society

Rachael Aldis, Towergate Health & Protection

Rachael Welsh, Guardian Financial Services

Rachel Allison, Create Finance

Rachel Atkinson, Legal & General

Rachel Eason-Whale, London & Country Mortgages

Rachel Edwards, The Association of Mortgage Intermediaries

Rachel Em, HSBC Life

Rachel Geddes, Global Mortgage Management

Rachel Kelly, Caspian Insurance

Rachel Lovell, Aviva

Rachel Pickering, Aviva

Rachel Trundle, The Exeter

Rachel Wrigley, Bupa

Rebecca Deegan, ABI

Rebecca Edgerton, Royal London

Rebecca Flaherty, Red Dot (Cymru)

Rebecca Green, Bupa

Rebecca Hill, Cirencester Friendly Society

Rebecca Lowe, Aviva

Rebecca Selwyn, Aviva

Rebecca Young, Legal & General

Rebeccah Robinson, Letter and Line Co. / Cloud8

Rhia Webb, Towergate Health & Protection

Rhonda Blackburn, Bupa

Rhonwen Beesley, Equipsme

Richard Norris, Bupa

Riona Mulherin, Paradigm

Rita Trewartha, Bupa

Robyn Allen, The Openwork Partnership

Robyn Nicholls, Caspian Insurance

Rose Hall, Legal & General

Rose St Louis, Scottish Widows

Rosie Godeseth, Vitality

Rosie Heslop, Legal & General

Rosie Hooper, Quilter Cheviot Financial Planning

Ruth Downs, The Platt Partnership

Ruth Heather, Royal London

Sabine Le Faouder, AOC Insurance Broker/Think Insurtech

Sabrina Kruse, SCOR

Sacha Cooke, Howden Employee Benefits & Wellbeing

Sally Fish, Bupa

Sally Phillips, LV=

Sam Barton, Bupa

Samantha Boswell, Coutts & Co

Samantha Chandler, The Openwork Partnership

Samantha Cross, Howden Life & Health

Sandra Scott, Bupa

Sara Docherty, Royal London

Sara Tuscher, Scottish Widows

Sarah Dennis, Towergate Health & Protection

Sarah Dyson, Bupa

Sarah Ellis, St James's Place Protection Planning

Sarah Howarth, Scottish Widows

Sarah Paul, Panacea Adviser

Sarah Pettifor, Bupa

Sarah Pryor, Cloud8

Sarah Zakrzewski, WTW

Sarahjane Mills, Legal & General

Saumya Barber, Unum UK

Savita Rai, Pacific Re

Shabrina Khan, Munich Re

Sharon Ockleton, Bupa

Sharon Taylor, Howden Life & Health

Shaun Riley-Potente, Guardian Financial Services

Shaun Ware, The Exeter

Shelley Maidens, Stonebridge Mortgage Network

Shelley Read, Royal London

Shelley Walker, The Exeter

Shelli Bentley, Royal London

Shirley Fell, Cirencester Friendly Society

Shona Valentine, AIG Life

Sian Holman, Unum UK

Sian Mitchell, Castlegate Financial Services

Sim Suri-Maun, Bupa

Siobhan Brookes, Folan Brookes Financial Consultants

Soraya Goubet, Munich Re

Stacey Presly, Castell Wealth Management

Stacey Presly, Castell Wealth Management

Steph Jones, Red Dot (Cymru)

Stephanie Hall, St James's Place Protection Planning

Stephanie Hydon, iPipeline

Stephanie Mccahon, Swiss Re

Subashini M, Aviva

Sue Clarke, Pulse Insurance

Sue Negus, Bupa

Susan Swales, Zurich

Suzanne Mcdowell, Bupa

Suzie Thomas, Mortgage Hub Expert

Tanya Rawlings, Royal London

Tanya Thoreau, Guardian Financial Services

Tara Dewit, Howden Life & Health

Tasneem Harnekar, AIG Life

Tendayi Ndoro, Life Plan International

Theresa Mitchell, WTW

Toni Smith, PRIMIS Mortgage Network

Tracey Boyd, Mortgage Hub Expert

Tracy Jeffrey, Scottish Widows

Tracy Sutherland, HSBC Life

Tricia Carley-White, Bupa

Trish Donnoghue, Bupa

Vanessa Stratton, Home Mortgage Solutions

Vas Babeiu, Morrinson Wealth

Veerle De Smet, Oracle

Vicki Goddard, Scottish Widows

Vicki Nichol, Victoria Healthcare Management

Vicky Churcher, Cirencester Friendly Society

Vicky Cope, Future Proof

Victoria Bennett, HD Consultants

Victoria Beynon, Legal & General

Victoria Jones, Pegasus Benefits

Victoria Mountjoy, Legal & General

Victoria Nicol, Victoria Healthcare Management

Victoria Walkden, Bupa

Vikki Jefferies, PRIMIS Mortgage Network

Wendy Ellison, Guardian Financial Services

Yasmin Rymer, Guardian Financial Services

Zanele Sibanda, Towergate Health & Protection

Zoe Mears, iPipeline

Zoe Priselac, Way More Solutions

Zoe Young, Unum UK

Zuzanne Ritter, Smartchoice FS


AXA Global Healthcare


Caspian Insurance

Castell Wealth Management

Cirencester Friendly


Emergenzz Financial Services Ltd

Eminent Financials (Openworks Partnership)

Future Proof Ltd

Gemstone Mortgages

Guardian Financial Services

Howden Employee Benefits & Wellbeing


Income Protection Task Force, Protection Review


London & Country

Legal & General

Life plan international



Morrinson Wealth

Munich Re

My Care Consultant

Pacific Life Re


Royal London

Sesame Bankhall Group


The Exeter

The Openwork Partnership

The Platt Partnership

United Healthcare Global

Unum UK