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Provider categories

Outstanding Business Development Team

Protection and health insurance providers are consistently adopting new approaches to products and services, but which business development team embodies the ideals of exceptional customer care?

The judges are looking for:

• Details of work with advisers that benefits both intermediaries and clients

• Innovative approaches to promoting protection both internally and externally

• Evidence of impact for the intermediary community

Outstanding Case Study Success

Case studies are an opportunity for protection and health insurance providers to demonstrate how their offering, from underwriting right through to claim pay outs. Which provider is able to demonstrate outstanding service and results for clients?

The judges are looking for:

• Evidence of complete end-to-end customer service, from application to pay out

• Use of value added services to enhance customer experience

• Details that show truly exceptional service and support to arrive at the right outcome

Outstanding Intermediary Support Team

Working at the front lines of the protection industry, intermediaries rely on the presence of consistent provider engagement. Which team within a protection insurer provider has excelled in offering the best overall support to intermediaries to get clients the best possible service and outcomes?

The judges are looking for:

• Evidence of solid internal processes

• Real-life testimonies from advisers

• Examples of best practice when assisting policyholders via intermediary channels

Outstanding Added-Value Customer Service (Third Party)

Value added benefits have quickly become a key component of the overall protection and health insurance proposition and in many cases, a differentiator. Which added-value third party provider offers the best service to customers and is most useful to advisers as well as the end customer?

The judges are looking for:

• New services and support packages launched to tackle specific customer needs

• Data-based results of how services are improving results for clients

• Innovative partnerships that enhance existing service propositions

Best Mental Health Support Service

Which insurance provider offers the best mental health support to members of protection and health policies (group/individual)? Areas can include therapy, counselling, pathways, rehabilitation and signposting through corporate schemes, as well as technology and EAP solutions offered to employers and individuals to assist with mental wellness within the workplace or through individual policies.

The judges are looking for:

• New or enhancements to existing service provision that demonstrably adds value for customers

• Recognition and action on new challenges faced by clients

• Data evidencing positive results for policyholders across service pathways

Outstanding Claims Management Team

The claim is at the core of every policy and consumer trust hinges on the fulfilment of claims promises, timely assistance and sensitive support. Which team within an insurance provider offers outstanding claims management?

The Judges are looking for:

• Improvements made to claims services and processes

• Details of relevant claims statistics

• Claimant testimonials that evidence an exemplary approach to claim management

Outstanding New Partnership

Which collaboration has furthered the offering of a protection and health insurance provider to new heights of customer care excellence? We are looking for new partnerships or collaborations between insurance providers and firms such as support or service providers, technology specialists or networks that can clearly demonstrate a positive impact for customer outcomes.

The judges are looking for:

• Initiatives that target specific, timely and unmet customer needs

• Innovative approaches to collaborative problem-solving

• Evidence of impact for provider, intermediaries and, most importantly, customers

Customer Service: ‘Above and Beyond’

Which insurance provider offers customer care and support that truly makes a difference to advisers and their clients, going the extra mile (and beyond) to ensure that customers are receiving the best possible experience from protection and health insurance cover?

The judges are looking for:

• Examples of exceptional customer service across service offerings

• Details of new initiatives that put clients at the heart of the proposition

• Enhancements to support services that make a tangible difference to policyholders

Best Health and Wellness Offering

Which insurance provider has developed the best health and wellness offering for members of protection and health policies (group/individual)? This can include the use of added-value health services, wellness apps, EAP and health & fitness campaigns raising awareness in the workplace. Rehabilitation - help back to work - is also relevant too.

Outstanding Marketing Team

Protection promotion has become a critical part of the overall proposition and marketing plays a key role in getting the message across to consumers. Which insurance provider has the best marketing team that consistently puts the customer at the heart of their messaging?

The judges are looking for:

• Evidence of exceptional standards in action

• Creative execution of sophisticated and impactful campaigns

• High standards of marketing materials provided to intermediaries

Outstanding Use of Technology

Technology has become an intrinsic part of protection and health insurance offerings, from data to communications channels. Which protection and health insurance provider has adopted technology as a means to improve their operations relating to how customers are treated?

The Judges are looking for:

• Examples of successful adoption of new technologies to internal systems

• Implementation of new customer pathways with demonstrable results

• Development of proprietary technology or enhancements to legacy systems

Outstanding Underwriting Team

Underwriting practises must always be evolving to keep pace with changing consumer behaviours and needs, particularly in a fast-moving economically challenged and health-focused world. Which team within an insurance provider is adapting its underwriting approach to ensure more people can get the right cover?

The judges are looking for:

• Evidence of an innovative and flexible approach to underwriting

• Details of new developments that meet consumer needs

• Adoption of new technologies or ideas to simplify processes

Individual Awards

Customer Care Champion

The protection and health insurance industry boasts a huge cadre of talent. Which individual within an insurer is the one that provides truly excellent customer care that really makes a difference to advisers and their clients?

The judges are looking for:

• Details of case studies that demonstrate exceptional customer care work

• Evidence of exemplary work with intermediaries focusing on customer improvements

• Testimonials from industry peers

Intermediary Support Champion

Which individual within an insurance provider offers the truly outstanding support to advisers? Please give an insight into what you do, as someone working for a provider, to give personal, hands-on support to advisers - what makes you stand out as an intermediary support champion?

The judges are looking for:

• Evidence of ongoing efforts to better support intermediates in their daily operations

• Details of innovative approaches to challenges within the industry

• Testimonials from industry peers and colleagues recognising your work

Young Insurance Person of the Year

Who is the most impressive individual working for an insurer under the age of 30? We want to hear about the achievements of protection and healthcare's exciting young talent. Entrants must be under 30 years old on the 1st March 2024.

The judges are looking for:

• Details of the impact of your work across day-to-day operations, initiatives or campaigns that benefits customers and the wider industry

• Achievements or successes accrued, either internal or external

• Testimonials from industry peers, colleagues and/or clients

Outstanding Protection and Health Leader

Of all the managing directors, chief executives and anyone in a senior leadership role working in the protection and health industry, who is making the most impact in the market? Those of you making waves on a regulatory or political level, lobbying for change, improving consumer trust and paving the way for better access to insurance should shout about it here.

The judges are looking for:

• Exceptional examples of leadership both on an organisation and industry level

• Championing of industry improvement and causes that demonstrably benefit consumers

• Testimonials from peers and colleagues recognising your value to the industry