COVER Health Insurance Live

Embracing change: Life after Covid-19

Wednesday 30th June 2021 | Digital Conference

In the midst of an enduring global pandemic, health insurers and brokers have had to rapidly adapt to radical change, as the NHS faced up to a national health crisis larger than any other in modern times.

It could be argued that health insurance will never be the same again. As the UK went into its first lockdown in March last year, the needs of individual and group policyholders changed almost overnight.

In response, the private healthcare sector has had to evolve its products and services, develop and deliver remote treatment and diagnostics, while embracing and rolling out new advancements to provide value to customers, all with one eye on an increasingly uncertain future landscape.

The COVER Health Insurance Live event will examine how the health insurance industry is mobilising for change both during the pandemic and beyond: How have health insurers responded the many challenges brought about by the Covid-19 crisis and what’s next for the market? What opportunities are out there for healthcare intermediaries and how can they make the most out of rising private medical insurance (PMI) demand?

As part of this fully interactive digital conference experience, we will also be introducing the Recognising Healthcare Innovation Awards, a new set of awards to commemorate the leading players of the health insurance sector.

Join us at COVER Health Insurance Live to explore the latest market trends, interact with industry peers and take part in the many discussions on the day, as we continue to embrace change and take further strides forward after Covid as a sector.



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