2022 Categories and Criteria

Inspirational Leader of the Year

Open to women whose achievements in protection and health-related areas of UK financial services are raising the profile of our sector to whole new levels. Role-agnostic, this award is geared towards our industry’s leading female role models and mentors – those who have bent over backwards during their career to improve industry diversity from within and improve access to protection and health insurance products across wider society.

Adviser of the Year

Open to women in financial advice who have gone above and beyond to spread the value of financial and health protection far and wide over the past year. What battles have you overcome to succeed in the male-dominated world of financial advice? How has your gender helped you connect with your female client base to help improve access to insurance? What have you done to encourage other women to pursue a career in protection and health advice? Also open to employee benefits consultants and mortgage advisers, or any women in financial advice passionate about distributing financial and health protection products to their clients.

Woman of the Year - Propositions

Open to women involved with the development of protection and health-related protection products. What have you done to climb the industry ladder into a role that finds you building the future of life, protection and health insurance? Tell us why you are so passionate about this industry and how you are setting an example for other women to follow.

Woman of the Year - Underwriting

Open to female underwriters increasing access to insurance through their approach to policy wording. How have you helped to shape and define underwriting philosophies throughout your career and what has your gender brought to the role? We want to know what you have done to set an example for others to follow and why the industry needs more underwriters like you.

Woman of the Year - Marketing

Open to women in marketing who are working their socks off to close the protection gap. What campaigns have you worked on that have made a demonstrable difference? Which of these have been dedicated to communicating the value of protection and health protection products to women in particular? What role are you playing in helping address education gaps on protection or health insurance? How are you setting an example in the industry?

Woman of the Year - Claims

Open to the leading female claims handlers/managers working within financial and health protection insurance. Tell us what you, as a woman, have brought to a role that relies so much on customer trust, timely assistance and sensitive support at a time of need. What do you do to go over and above to ensure that claims are handled impeccably and how does this make you a female role model in your area?

Woman of the Year - Intermediary Support

Open to a woman within an insurer offering high-level support to advisers. How do you give personal, hands-on support to intermediaries – and therefore customers as a result – and what has you being a woman brought to the role? Real-life testimonies and evidence of practical examples are very welcome.

Woman of the Year - Customer Support

Open to a female individual within financial health and protection insurance who provides consistent, excellent customer care that makes a marked difference to advisers or consumers. What does you being a women bring to you in your role and what challenges have you overcome to get to where you are today?

Woman of the Year – Technology

Open to women leading the charge within life, protection and health insurance-related technology. We want to know how you have managed to succeed within such largely male-dominated arena, what you have done as a female role model in your field and why having women like you who specialise in technology is so important to the future of financial and health protection.

Business Development Manager of the Year

Open to women who are constantly developing and improving products, services and partnerships within the protection industry. What challenges have you overcome to become a successful member of a male-dominated industry and what projects are you particularly proud of. What has being a woman brought to you in your role?

Most Inspiring Returner

For women who within the past few years have returned to work in the financial and health protection sector following maternity leave and have acted as a role model to women looking to achieve a balance between work and family life.

Rising Star

Open to women in the protection, life and health insurance sector who have made a strong impact in a short space of time and are seen as most likely to progress further. Entries will be from those that have been in the industry less than 3 years (as of 31 December 2021) and candidates can be graduates, non-graduates, trainees or just upcoming female members of the industry.

Unsung Hero

Open to female members of the protection, life and health insurance industry who are hugely valued members of their team and well worthy of recognition. Not specific to a particular role, this award recognises where credit is due for working tirelessly to succeed in her field, while serving as a female role model.

Mentor of the Year

Open to women in the protection, life and health space that are taking responsibility for developing and advancing the next generation of talent. How have you addressed your role as a mentor and developed an environment that is professional and inclusive? How has this manifested for your mentee(s)? What successes has your mentorship brought about?

Diversity & Inclusion Champion of the Year

Open to individuals of all genders working within the financial and health protection sector who not only mentor women but who champion diversity and inclusivity within the wider industry. The recipient of this award will be a role model and leader, and someone who has used their position to help set up initiatives and spread positive messages aimed at achieving equality in the workplace and across the market. 

Outstanding Contribution to Diversity & Inclusion

Open to all firms operating within the protection and health insurance sectors, whether at provider, intermediary or service/technology provider level. Which firm has gone above and beyond to champion diversity and inclusivity from within its organisation? This might include company approach to recruitment and processes in place to increase diversity within senior management positions; staff academies and training for new staff with diversity in mind; support groups, awareness campaigns and mentor training schemes, and the introduction of more flexible working practices and schemes that cater for different types of people and their personal situations.

Outstanding Contribution to the Industry

Open to women within the protection and health insurance sectors that have raised the bar through their efforts to improve diversity and inclusivity. What project, initiative or wider change have you implemented over the past year that has created a demonstrable difference within the protection and health sector?