COVER Health Insurance Uncovered 2022

Establishing a Customer-First Approach

Thursday 30th June 2022

Live Broadcast from the COVER Studio

Health insurance continues to grow across the UK, and insurers and advisors are responding to the increased demand. But can it last forever? If this industry wants to expand further, leaders need to focus on the most important factor for success: the customer.

COVER invites you to Health Insurance Uncovered, a morning of interviews, discovery, and investigation. Join us from the COVER studio as we deep dive into the issues around health and private medical insurance and how this sector needs to ignite change and become customer-centric.

We will gather industry experts and providers that can share best practices, unveil the mishaps on the way to innovation and ask the questions: who is our customer, and what do they want? Does PMI remain a luxury, or can this become an affordable but necessary expense? Are value-added services going to engage our members, or overstep the mark?

Be involved in the conversation as COVER lifts the curtain on the behind the scenes of the health insurance industry, and discover how this sector should be engaging its members, empowering the workforce, and providing a customer-centric ethos.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the event, you will be able to:

- Identify your customer and their wants & needs

- Engage your members in their insurance plan and value-added services

- Identify the latest technological developments and innovations in the sector

- Explain to employees how to become product & customer journey experts



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