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Welcome Remarks
Framing the Customer Conversation
Video: Customer Trends Pre and Post Pandemic

The Health Insurance sector saw a boom in sold policies during the pandemic. See the changes and trends and how the market is moving forward from the COVID pandemic.

Session: Avoiding a Blind Spot: Preventative Care as Core Products

There’s an argument that value-added services shouldn’t be considered “extra’s” but promoted as key products within the policy. So why? In this session, discover:

  • What’s on the offerings that make the customer excited to take PMI
  • What preventive measures can customers use in everyday life that insurers are offering?
  • What is the ROI and how are insurers using these services to help their customers?
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Putting Consumer Duty into Practice

The FCA’s consultation into Consumer Duty suggests a shift into how it’s intended to be implemented. As we approach 2023, insurance firms need to be more thoughtful in determining good practice and what is conforming with the guidelines. In this session, we will discuss:

  • What are the changes required in practice to satisfy the requirements?
  • How do firms address the requirements to take a more pro-active and consistent approach to consumer interests?
Video: Women's Wellbeing and PMI

The evolution of digital platforms continues to create exciting business opportunities. As the spotlight currently looks at the future of the metaverse, how well will this integrate with the insurance industry?

Offering Affordability: Providing Customer-Centric Services with Directional Care

Directional Care can feel like a siloed option for consumers, when they want more choices when buying PMI. However, with the safeguarding measures to ensure empowered decisions, consumers can get access to quality referrals for a lower premium. In this session, expect to explore:

  • The foundational values of Directional Care
  • The type of customer that will benefit from directional care
  • How to explain and create informed decisions with your customer
  • Combatting pushback on treatment path dictation from prospects
Prioritising Employee Education and Training

Is the insurance industry equipping their advisors with the right information to deliver an outstanding experience for their customers? In this session, find out:

  • How to empower staff with the process and product knowledge
  • What advisors need to succeed and deliver results
  • The impact of employee education and the results before and after implementing product training
Panel: Paint the Picture: Becoming an Expert of the Customer Journey

When purchasing any product or service, customers want full clarity of what to expect. Why is this any different with health insurance? Advisors and intermediaries need to become to experts on customer experience as a part of the sale. In this session, hear from our panel of experts and discuss:

  • Recognising the individual needs of your customers
  • Mapping your customer route and identifying pain points
  • Using the customer journey to lay the foundation of service excellence
Closing Remarks